March 25, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Brighter Outlook Inc
4910 Dunbar St
Fort Worth, TX 76105
Nikia Lawson
Free Community Childbirth Education @ Brighter Outlook Inc  | Fort Worth | Texas | United States

This 7-hr workshop is available to pregnant women in DFW. This workshop is FREE and will include lunch and healthy snacks. Please call for details 817-841-9291. Space is limited to expectant mother & 1 support person (DADS are WELCOMED)!!! Please bring 2 pillows & a blanket!

This fast-track workshop shares evidenced-based information relevant to those who plan to birth empowered and informed. The overall outcome is to determine whether our workshop has an impact on infant mortality risk factors that are staggering in our community.

~Prepare to learn issues that are common and normal in late pregnancy.
~Prepare to learn the anatomy of pregnancy, sign and stages of labor and the warning signs for premature labor.
~Prepare to learn about medical interventions like: epidural anesthesia, medical pain management and medication options and the evidence that supports when and how you should utilize them.
~Prepare to learn how you to establish a support team and how they will assist with basic relaxation techniques, comfort measures and some breathing techniques.
~Prepare to learn how to create a birth plan and to discuss it with your care provider.
~Prepare to learn the aspects of cesarean delivery.
~Prepare to learn about postpartum hospital care and postpartum home care.
~Prepare to learn basic breastfeeding techniques and newborn care, also learn about SIDS and how to reduce infant mortality.
~Prepare to learn how to prepare for your hospital stay and general hospital protocols.